I've uploaded some files below. (see 'files' link bottom right) Two lesson plans for year 7- one on adding and subtracting fractions (with an intro on equivalent fractions) and one on multiplying fractions by an integer. Re-reading them, they really dont make that much sense! They're the first couple of plans I did and the actual lessons went quite differently and I had to do a couple of 'rescue lessons' after as I dont think the kids got it first time round! So please use with caution. Ive also added some questions I devised which arent much but may save a couple of minutes of your time and a VERY helpful article called What is a Fraction. I used some of the questions at the end of the sections in it to challenge my year 7s and they were great! One question which bought out a spark in them was- whats bigger 3/4 or 2/3 and why? I found a tricky aspect of teaching fractions was bringing together all the different 'aspects' of fractions as points on a numberline, division questions, parts of a whole and probabilities- might be good to clue the learner in on the complicated-ness of seeing fractions in all those different lights while you're teaching it. I also designed a homework using some of the resources on this website:
but I cant't find the file! Would be very happy to give you a photocopy of it. (really I would- Im quite proud of it! And v annoyed I've misplaced the file!)

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