Introduction to coordinates: Lorna (yr7)

Combinations of transformations of shapes: Jenny (yr8/9)
have put a couple of worksheets I made for this topic under files (below) I believe there are a couple of mistakes so I would advise trying them for yourself first (I think I may have been asleep when I made them) anyway, the teachers in school seemed to like them so thought I would share. I have no lesson plan cos I didn't make one. But I do have answers somewhere if anyone wants a photocopy :)

Properties of quadrilaterals: Jenny (yr7)
have uploaded a useful sheet telling you all you need to know (stolen from school) which I used for a matching type plenary.

Trigonometry: Jenny (yr9)
HAve put a couple of autograph files I used for teaching this and a worksheet on worded questions (you need to draw your own diagrams in the side (if you're feeling nice) cos I couldn't be bothered to do them on comp. I haven't actually used this yet but if it sucks I'll change it.

Properties of triangles: Anika (yr7)

Finding the angle of a sector: Anika (yr10)

Straight line graphs: Anika (yr10)

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